“Superheroes for Social Impact.”

Hi! My name is Corbin j. Pickett and thank you for venturing to the home of TheCandidProfessionals, Career Coaching & Culture Consultancy.

The WHY:

Like many of us, I grew up believing in Superheroes. I even dared to believe it was feasible to become one.

I wasn’t wrong.

Contemporary superheroes are armed with laptops, caped with passports, and are skilled educators, community builders, coders, and social entrepreneurs. The neighborhoods they now seek to save span across states and nations, not just cities.


Imagine the Justice League reincarnated as a band of social entrepreneurs driven to offer radical social services and accessible, culturally relevant professional development content.

Superheroes shouldn’t go at it alone. Neither should you.

We help professionals and organizations curate HAPPY, HEALTHY, and SUSTAINABLE:

careers | communities | cultures 

We’re willing to bet that when you’re professional fulfilled, you’re helping world for the better in some way. And we want to help sustain that!

The HOW:

Facilitating. Consulting. Speaking. Online Courses. Newsletter.

Through consulting, facilitating, and educational content we support professionals and organizations that aspire to make this planet or their workplace a better place for overlooked peoples and all of us.