Brand building is Relationship building


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Hi! My name is Corbin j. Pickett.

Your typical weekday vegetarian & self proclaimed socio-cultural scientist.

My interest and work towards people empowerment began as a point guard throughout my upbringing and was formalized during my undergraduate years at Morehouse College.

Since my time at the ‘House’ my experiences have ranged from digital advertising to business development, to community building, to mentoring. At the core of each of these experiences, I examined how people engage and build relationships with platforms, content, and with one another. I've learned over this time that constructive relationship building is vastly under considered and even less frequently taught. I'm passionate about shedding light on how positive relationship building needs to be the central strategy of your brand development. 

My own development through communities and programs such as Morehouse, INROADS, Disney UGA Program, UCLA Riordan MBA Fellowship, and StartingBloc Institute profoundly shaped my own brand and career growth and exposed me to culturally relevant perspectives otherwise not offered to me through traditional education. Perspectives I would be honored to share with you.

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Corbin was recently interviewed by Rachael Parker-Chavez of Defining: Good.  Tune in to hear his thoughts on positive & strategic relationship building!