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Hi! My name is Corbin j. Pickett.

I used to hate my career. And no, it didn’t start out that way.

I kicked off my career enjoying business development within the digital ad space. [Meaning] I scaled revenue generating opportunities for apps and websites. 

Driven from toxic environments I re-branded myself and strategically shifted into a career that aligned with my 'why' / my true north / my purpose.

Over the last half decade I've entrepreneurially dedicated myself to the world of people development. Particularly with a keen interest and focus on mentorship and the socio-economic empowerment [inclusion + equity] of minority communities. My combined for-profit and non-profit experience have provided me with a unique yet well-rounded knowledge of REAL social impact, especially within transformative leadership, organizational culture, and human equity.

Currently, I'm focusing on building my brand into a business: TheCandidProfessionals - Career Coaching and Culture Consultancy. 

My own development through communities and programs such as Morehouse College, INROADS, Disney UGA Program, UCLA Riordan MBA Fellowship, and StartingBloc Institute have profoundly shaped my own brand development and career growth and have exposed me to culturally relevant perspectives otherwise not offered to me through traditional education. Perspectives I would be honored to share with you.

Be sure to connect with me on social media! And if you are interested in accelerating your career or enhancing your culture, let's talk!


Corbin was recently interviewed by Rachael Parker-Chavez of Defining: Good.  Tune in to hear his thoughts on positive & strategic relationship building!