Quick Tip Friday: Strengths & Weaknesses

Whether prepping for an upcoming interview or weighing your personal career development needs, assessing our strengths and weaknesses is vital to our success. 

Especially if you're an entry-level job seeker and have never been subject to an employee review. Or those of us who are entrepreneurs, remote workers, or parents reentering the workforce and aren't surrounded by others to readily receive feedback. And I think just about all of us can attest to sweating over the thought of, "what will I say is my weakness if the interviewer ask?". 

So here's one method for you:

Consider strengths and weaknesses with a slight spin. Consider what it is you're doing when you feel strongest and most empowered at your work? What tasks or projects are you doing when you feel your weakest or most hesitant?

I really like this approach because you don't want to say a weakness that you'll inevitably shoot yourself in the foot with.  But to comment on how you feel most [professionally] vulnerable when in data-heavy meetings or projects and that you've identified that as a growth opportunity; THAT shows introspection, maturity, and proactive critical thinking.


Be purposeful in how you express your ability. Be purposeful in how you express YOU!

If you would like further support in better identifying your strengths and weaknesses, let's connect! Contact me for a free Candid Professional career coaching session @ corbin@thecandidprofessional.com.


Written by:

Corbin J. Pickett