5 Things I Learned Through Internships

1. Every company will teach you how they operate and their unique language. I eventually switched my major from Business to International Studies with the new found understanding each company will teach me their own ways, a general knowledge of business helps but I could afford to spend more time learning other subjects that are actually very applicable to where I wanted to go within business.

2. 3 Months to learn, but also to access. We focus a lot on learning as much as possible while striving to make a quality impression for ourselves at our internship. But it’s two fold which INROADS helped me understand. It is just as important for you to analyze and access the company to understand why it is or is not a good fit for you. Note – 3 months is not a lot of time to access what it might be like to work at a company for a few years.

3. Under promise, over deliver. Initially this is essential. The reason to not exasperate yourself on overachieving is because you ideally shouldn’t spread yourself too thin. Allow yourself leeway time in your due date estimation to consider time to schedule 1on1’s with members of the team or members of other departments of interest. Or time to meet with other interns to share insight on job tasks and projects.

4. Befriending HR is paramount. The good ol’ saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Having a strong rapport with HR is a key gateway to job security. Let’s say you love the company, but you don’t like the department you’re in or worst, if you left a not so great impression; HR will be your gateway to return to the company with a fresh start. They have the ability to give you prime access to all areas of opportunity within the entire company.

5. Coffee is Crucial. Aside from the occasional Caramel Frappe at Starbucks, I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker. But adapting to consistently stating awake from 8am – 5pm daily was a hurdle I couldn’t face alone. Life suddenly without my mid morning or mid day college naps was intense and skipping work doesn’t work as easy as skipping class.