In-Office Squad Goals: Forming your Team

One of the most important things when entering a new gig… one must develop their TEAM. Running with the team concept, most team sports would be pretty insufficient if everyone on the team specialized in the same aspects. A basketball team with 5 centers would struggle dribbling the ball up the court; or a soccer team with all goalies may struggle scoring a bit.

A well-oiled machine works well cause different parts/people come together to service different aspects; aspects in which they specialize in. YOU work best when you have different people to service your different specific in-office needs. The mentor, the ethnic buddy, the happy hour friend, the like-minded go getter, the ‘I get in early and leave late everyday’ colleague, etc. Catering to yourself and making sure you have the in-office social outlets you need is key, though underrated, to ease yourself into a comfortable situation where you can be at peak efficiency.

Careful to balance these and know yourself. Personally, I first look for ‘The Mentor’ as my main priority is to learn and grow within the profession. Secondly, I seek out a similarly aged employee – someone I can let your hair down around so to speak. Thirdly, I strive to find an ethnic buddy. My heritage is vastly important to me and a focal point of many intriguing or intellectual conversations I get into. The office place is not particularly heartwarming to this in my world, therefore to have a buddy who can relate with me on an ethnic level is important to me. Each of these aspects play their role in developing a well-balanced work environment. The art of feng shui applies to us as people as well, not just furniture. Balance is key in many areas of our life.


By: Corbin J. Pickett