Training & Workshops

Corbin pickett professional development workshop

Professional Development Workshops

Core Value based team development training. Honed to enhance team relationships + communication internally and externally, as a catalyst to brand and revenue growth.

The CANDIDteam development training offers highly interactive and transformative workshops that focuses on assessing your current team culture to effectively strengthen the individual and collaborative ability of your team.

corbin pickett equity and inclusion training

Equity + Inclusion training

Equity and inclusion training is an essential component of D & I (diversity + inclusion). Diversity without equity is fruitless. And space for equity and inclusion needs to exist for diversity to properly be welcomed and retained.

How can you foster greater equity and inclusion within your community or work team? The Candid Professional offers a human-centered approached to successfully implement holistic and culture enhancing solutions.

Corbin pickett mentor training


It takes a village to raise a young person. Mentors and youth workshop facilitators play a key role within this village of support. Mentor training offers aspiring mentors and youth workshop facilitators a solid understanding of healthy and strategic relationship building techniques.

We offer a wide range of services to organizations, corporations, and professional associations seeking comprehensive guidance in planning and implementing safe and effective mentoring programs and/or mentorship training for youth and adults.