Living Room Dialogue Series

Acknowledged Issue:

On behalf of the Diversity Study Group, a sub-group of the Diversity Advisory Group, at Pilgrim Place, a retirement community for religious workers in Claremont, CA.

The residents of Pilgrim Place are seeking more ethnic and racial diversity in its community. The residents, mostly white, are also aware that though a majority of residents are open to such diversity, it is apparent that ongoing education, openness and personal experience with people of color is necessary for learning about change in the communal life of Pilgrim Place.  Developing relationships with people of color and all ethnic groups in a relaxed setting is the purpose. Whatever comes out of these relationships will have value because we will learn about each other’s lives, each other’s faith, and each other’s strengths and vulnerabilities. We begin to dispel incorrect stereotypes and assumptions about the other. We hope there will be an outcome toward building healthy relationships together with more racial equity.


Within the Living Room Dialogue workshops we will explore diversity, personal identity, culture, race, and the conflict around diversity, systemic racism and racial barriers. There will be opportunity to develop skills for relating among diverse people. Participants will discover new insights and perspectives for understanding early messages about race and culture and how these messages can impact individual and collective action concerning racial disparities.

Designed Scope of Work:

Monthly workshops that would leverage small and large group activities.

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