National Mentoring Project

Scope of Work:

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (in partnership with America’s Center for Promise and the Schultz Family Foundation) set out to connect young people, specifically those who are out of school and work, with a well trained community-based mentor, a job, and workplace-based mentor.

The overall collaboration will include several youth focused organizations in 5 markets: Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Atlanta. The goal being to connect 400+ young people with sustainable and growing entry level job opportunities. Teaming these career-going young people with two well trained mentors will promote continuous and accessible support.

Each program participant was supported with in-person training and online curriculum, with part of the overall goal being, to develop a scalable turnkey youth employment solution for young people nationally, leveraging community-based and workplace mentorship to encourage holistic and sustainable support.

My Role!

During my 6-month consulting term on this expansive project I played a dominant role in the creation and development of the online mentorship course curriculum that all community-based mentors, mentees, and workplace mentors leverage to hone and advance their knowledge and skills relating to mentoring relationships beyond the initial in-person training. In addition, I had the utmost pleasure to execute a series of in-person mentor and mentee training in the Atlanta and Chicago markets.


Check out this snippet of the 3-hour mentor training I facilitated for Teach For America alumni @ Starbucks HQ.