Collaborate IE -- Closing the Career Access Gap


The Inland Empire is the quickest growing region in the United States. While this is being caused by the gentrification in the inner-city and throughout Los Angeles, unfortunately support resources and career opportunities are not following at the same pace of the gentrified population. Glaring issues surrounding children living in generational poverty, high juvenile incarceration rates, significant high school dropout rates, a large number of single parent families with very limited support systems, and one of the highest foster care regions in the state. This has left a large gap in career access within the Inland Empire for young people; especially young people of color.


To close the career access gap for young people of color within the Inland Empire region of southern California.


Increase the percentage of IE young people of color with quality jobs, internships, and career developmental programming.


  Immersion  | Ideation  | Implementation

Immersion: Research, interview, survey.

Ideation: Community human-centered design forum and event

Implementation: Task force to address key issues identified within Ideation phase