Keynotes & Conferences

"At the core of everything, is a relationship."

We as people engage with so much, in so many ways, often times without critically taking into account the 'how'. My experiences have ranged from digital advertising to partnership development, to community building, to mentoring. At the core of each of these experiences, I examined how people engage and build relationships with platforms, content, and with one another.

We speak much of culture and community, yet I've learned that constructive relationship building is vastly under considered within this process, and even less so taught.

I'm passionate about shedding light on how positive relationship building needs to be the central element of your career and workplace development. And that the strongest relationship we should strive to have is with our self.

Specialty TOPICS:

  • Build Brand YOU!

  • Maximize on Mentors: Build Your Personal Board of Directors

  • The Core Values-Based Workplace

Speaker Sample List:


  • Dolby (San Francisco): Keynote - Build Brand YOU!

  • MENTORcon (Denver): TIMTalk - Social Media for Non-Profits

  • Level Up (Los Angeles): Presentation - Leveraging Mentors

  • NSBE National Conference (Pittsburgh): Workshop - Build Brand YOU!

  • MELS High School (Queens, NY): Panel - Danger of a Single Story

  • S.T.A.R.S. Conference (Pomona, CA): Workshop - Build Brand YOU!

  • MENTOR National Summit (Washington, DC): Workshop - Social Media for Non-Profits


  • YNPN (Los Angeles): Panel - Planning Your Path

  • NSBE Region XI Conference (Anaheim): Workshop - Build Brand YOU!

  • UCLA Riordan Programs (Los Angeles): Presentation - Mastering the Interview

  • Acceptance Tour 2017 (Santa Monica): Panel - Entrepreneurship & Insecurities

  • Student Leadership Summit (Colton Unified): Workshop - Leveraging Mentors & Navigating Life


  • NAAAHR (Los Angeles): Panel - Being an Advocate: How to Make a Difference in the Workplace

  • LEAD Conference (La Verne): Workshop - Leveraging Mentors & Navigating Life

  • Level Up (Los Angeles): Workshop - Leveraging Mentors & Navigating Life

  • SoCal C.A.N. (Los Angeles): Presentation - Leveraging LinkedIn

Corbin j Pickett @ Dolby, San Francisco 2018