The Candid* Eco-System of Professional Development

YOU are a company.

  • You need a Board of Directors aka a Team of Mentor.

  • Your LinkedIn / Personal Website = Branding

  • Your Resume and Cover Letter = your sales material

  • Your Network of Supporters + Believers = Stakeholders

We often wait and predominantly rely on sales. AKA waiting until we desire/need a new job and then leaning heavily on our resume as we submit them into digital black holes never to be heard/seen from again more often than not.

We can't control buyers [aka hiring people], but we CAN control building our team of mentors, we CAN control the development of our Brand, and we CAN control how we cultivate our network.

So, why wait to rely predominantly on sales?!

By building up a strong brand, mentor team, network, I PROMISE YOU, you'll never be pressed to job hunt again in your LIFE. In addition, taking this pro-active approach will yield more opportunity for the RIGHT opportunities to come to you.