Quick Tip Friday: Take Social Serious


As professionals in our respective fields, we all understand and recognize that networking is an intrinsically powerful contributor to our career growth. 

But, I'm consistently stunned by the many professionals who downplay social media. Taking it for something that is unproductive or immature as if to equate it to playing Minecraft on your phone to pass the time. Yet, the reality is, your time can be used productively or unproductively and your phone has NOTHING to do with the reality of how well you use your time

Instead, consider how modern technology can compliment how you use your time. The primary benefit of social media is unlimited access to billions of people. We all tend to agree on the age-old saying, 'our network is our net worth'. So take a moment to really embrace social media as the most effective tool to grow your network since the invention of the telephone and the most organized means to do so since the Rolodex. It's the ideal networking event that you don't have to leave your couch for and minus the forced awkward engagements. You're completely capable of interacting with only those you wish to and your ability to network doesn't even require your active attention the bulk of the time. 

Don't knock it till you use it wisely ;)


Be purposeful in how you build your network. Be purposeful in how you build YOU!

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Written by:

Corbin J. Pickett